Spadger Launches the new 140W Multi-Port 3C 1A GaN Fast Charger

In 2021, Apple Launched a new 140W USB-C GaN Charger for the 16’ MacBook Pro 2021.Creating the highest output power of USB-C PD port, and becoming a first standard for the USB PD 3.1 charger in the world.

As we all know, we own many electronic devices, such as laptop, phone, tablet, earphone, and we are facing the problems that how to carry so many chargers when you travel or outside. If you take all the original chargers, it would be not convenient. So we launch a 140W 3C1A GAN charger, it can meets most charging needs. Here’s our 140W power adapter:


Small size,light weight:
The size of Apple 140W USB-C power adapter is 96.1*75.2*28.6mm,our 140 GAN charger is 77.3*60.5*31.5mm,28% smaller than Apple's charger. The GaN Technology makes charger smaller,the output power of GaN chargers can achieve better performance compared to traditional chargers with the same size. That's why our GAN Charger can support 140W output in such a small size.

Multi ports, powerful output:
Most of electronic devices will support the Type-c port for fast chaging now and future. Our STR-257 GaN charger has three Type-c ports, which is a good choice for PD fast charging. Our charger also has a USB port, which can support for the traditional device. USB-C 1 can be up to 140W,USB-C 2 can be up to 100W,which can meets the cahrging needs of most laptops and iPads. USB-C 3 can be up to 20W,within 30 minutes it can charge your iPhone to 50%.As a multi-port charger, it can intelligently adjust the output power when facing different output. For example, C1+C2: 65W+65W, C1+C2+C3: 65W+45W+20W, C1+C2+USB: 65W+45W+18W, etc.

Suitale for travel:
If you need to go travel or outside, you can only take this charger, and you can charge four devices at a high charging speed simultaneously. Using this charger can save the place of the outlets With the foldable plug, it can be stored in the shell and avoid the scratch. Support 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.5A MAX input, you can use it in the worldwide.

The most important thing is that the Apple 140W USB-C power adpter needs $99, but we have a more perfect price, you can get it for no more than $30. If you are interested in this, please contact us!

Post time: Nov-04-2022