How to choose the right power bank?

As we know, with the rapid development of the Internet, smart phones have become an indispensable product of our daily basic life and entertainment. Do you feel anxious when your phone gradually run out of power when you're away from power outlets or outside?Fortunately, our power bank can come in handy now.

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But do you know what is a power bank and how to choose the power bank?Now we will introduce some knowledge of power bank to you.

Composition of power bank:

The power bank is composed of shell,battery and printed circuit board(PCB).Shell is usually made of plastic,metal or PC(Fire-proof material).

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The main function of PCB is to control input,output,voltage and current.

Battery cells are the most expensive components of power bank.There are two main types of battery cells:18650 and polymer batteries.

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Classification of Batteries:

During the manufacturing of Lithium-ion cells, a very strict procedure is followed for grading them. According to the national standards for batteries, there is a strict grading system especially for polymer batteries. It is divided into three grades by the quality and timeliness:

▪ A grade cells: meets the standards and new battery.
▪ B grade cells: the inventory is more than three months or the battery is disassembled or not meet the standards of A grade.
▪ C grade cells: reused batteries, C grade cells are the lowest priced cells in the market and they have a very slow charge and slow discharge rate with lower expected battery life.

Tips for choosing a power bank

▪ Usage scenarios: Easy to carry, enough to charge your phone one time, you can choose 5000mAh power bank. Not only small in size, but also light in weight. One trip,10000mAh power bank is a better choice, which can charge your phone 2-3 times. Just take it, you don’s worry your phone is out of power. While hiking, camping, traveling or other outside activities,20000mAh and more larger capacity power bank is a wonderful choice.

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▪ Fast charge or non-fast charge: If you need to charge your phone in shortest time, you can choose fast charging power bank. The PD fast charging power bank can not only charge your phone, but also can charge your laptop, tablet, and other devices. If you have no requirement for charging time, you can choose the 5V/2A or 5V/1A power bank. The PD power bank is more expensive than normal power bank.

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▪ Product details: Clean surface, no scratch, clear parameters, the markings of certification ensure you can know more about the power bank. Make sure the buttons and lights work well.
▪ The grade of cell: Communicating with the manufacturer, choose the A grade cells. All Spadger power bank use the A grade cells to ensure your safety.

Post time: Nov-03-2022