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Wireless Charger with UV Sterilizer SP-N52

Wireless charger with sterilizer SP-N52

Input: 5V/2A;9V/2A

Wireless Output:15W(max)

UV Output:3W(max)




Product Description

3-in-1 Multi-Function:

3 in 1 multi-function running at the same time, Disinfection and aromatherapy inside, while wireless fast charging for the phone.

Two Working Modes of Sterilization

* Short press to start 1-min sterilization;

* Long press for one second to start 5-min sterilization.

The sterilizer can kill 99.9% of common household germs such as Molds, Escherichia coil, and Streptococcus in 5 minutes. 

The ozone will decompose itself into oxygen at room temperature for about 30 minutes, so there is no residual or secondary pollution.

Fit All Phone&Wireless Charge:

This Sanitizer Box can sterilize all Qi-enabled smart-phone such as iPhone/Samsung.

Aromatherapy Function:

Just put two drops of aromatherapy oil that you like on the aromatherapy oil inlet, your device will smell very pleasant.

Portable & Easy to use:

You can Put compatible Masks/Rings//Keys/Jewelry/Watches into the sanitizer box and touch the touch button, the sterilization will be completed automatically.