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Wireless Charger with UV Sterilizer SP-L06

Wireless Charger with UV Sterilizer SP-L06

Input: 5V/2A;9V/1.67A

Wireless Output:10W(max)


UV Output:3.5W




Product Description

2-in-1 Multi-Function:

2 in 1 multi-function running at the same time,Disinfection inside, while wireless fast charging for another phone.

UV sterilizer:

18 mini Fast Mode can kill 99.9% of common household germs such as Molds,Escherichia coli and Streptococcus in 5 minutes.

The inner wall of the box is mirror. And there is a holder at the bottom of the box. 

To prevent UV rays from damaging your eyes,the UV lamps will automatically turn off when the cover is opened.

And the bottom mirror surface reflects ultraviolet rays, which can avoid the incomplete sterilization.

Fit All Phone&Wireless Charge:

This Sanitizer Box can sterilize all Qi-enabled smart-phone below 7 inch,such as iPhone/Samsung.

Portable & Easy to use:

You can Put compatible Masks/Rings//Keys/Jewelry/Watches into the sanitizer box and touch the touch button,the sterilization will be completed automatically.