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Spadger 10W Wireless Car Charger SP-S1

10W Wireless Car charger

InputDC 5V/2A 9V/1.67A
OutputDC 5V/1A 9V/1.2A
MaterialABS Plastic

Product Description

Power your device on the road without the need of messy cables inside your vehicle, we combined the most convenient method of mounting your phone with the most convenient method of charging your phone. 

Simply drop your phone inside the mount with just one hand. As you place your phone inside, the clamps automatically fit to your phone with a secure grip around your phone.Go over humps or a dirt trail and your phone will remain in place while charging. 

Works with most smart phones, regardless of size or shape. Suitable for most phone cases such as full cover, silicone/rubber, hybrid, plastic, and many more varied types of phone cases. Phone holder can fit most smart phones cases .